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Journal Articles

“Moving Through Stasis in Stan Brakhage’s Passage Through: A Ritual,” Screen 60.3 (Autumn 2019).


“A DIY Come-On: A History of Optical Printing in Avant-Garde Cinema,” Cinema Journal 57.4 (Summer 2018): 71–95.


“Glancing Outward: Notes on the New Historicist Film Parts III & IV,” Millennium Film Journal 62 (October 2015): 58–67.


“Glancing Outward: Towards the New Historicist Film,” Millennium Film Journal 61 (Spring 2015): 75–82.


“Darkness on the Edge of Town: Film Meets Video in Phil Solomon’s In Memoriam (Mark LaPore).” October 137 (Summer 2011): 85–106.


Chapters in Edited Volumes:

“Barbara Hammer, Optical Printing, and a Theory of Touch,” A Companion to Experimental Cinema, ed. Federico J. Windhausen (Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell). [forthcoming: 2020].

Miscellaneous Writing and Other Activities:

“Glancing Outward,” film screening based on articles published in Millennium Film Journal, curated by David Gatten. Cinema Project. Portland, OR. December 4, 2016.


“Biscuits/Biscotts,” program notes for Luther Price solo screening. The Wexner Center for the Arts. Columbus, OH. May 10, 2012.


“American Falls,” program notes for Phil Solomon installation. The 50th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival. Ann Arbor, MI. March 27-April 1, 2012.


“Stuart Gordon,” researched, wrote, and built website for an exhibit on director Stuart Gordon for the Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, 2011.


“Avant-Garde Films: Artistic Explorations of Perception and Cognition,” program notes for the Society of Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image annual conference. Madison, WI.  June 11-14, 2008.









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